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about vegetaEdit

when vegeta was fighting the ginyu force and vegeta killed the weakest of the ginyu force. Then he lost.

then goku arrived with the sensu beans and gave one to vegeta gohan and krillin. Then goku started to fight

the ginyu force. Then vegeta was afraid that he was going to turn into a super saiyan.

vegeta is the prince of all saiyns. And he is an a ellite saiyn. latter on in dragonball z kai in the forth season he

becomes a supper saiyan. Before vegeta got a super in the third season goku had got his super saiyan

against frieza. However since vegeta got his super saiyan he had all ways wanted to fight him.

dear, reader if you already know about this dont tell it to new fans of dbz. And new fans if your confused

just keep watching and you will find out.

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